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Twin Fin Film Co. is a creative videography studio from Falmouth, Cornwall. The name is rooted in a love of surfing and the ocean, and through a passion for storytelling has formed the name Twin Fin Film Co.

The founder, Adam Watson, specializes in creating evocative film content with a focus on engaging your company's audience with shots that tell a story in a beautiful way. With an attention to detail of intimate moments and emotions.

Adam is a commercial drone pilot and a freelance filmmaker 

Below is Twin Fin Film Co's client list.

Aerial Filming



 film production


We are flexible for every budget through working either as a team, or as a one - man - band. We create professional content aimed at attracting more business to your company. From idea inception to pre-production, filming and post production. We can take the worry out of your hands and create all manner of films for:


Companies - Weddings - Events - Properties - Nautical Films - Documentaries - Music 

We film in 4k resolution and collaborate with a network of filmmakers, writers, voice actors and models to bring another level to the storytelling for our films. We are happy to work with international brands, charities and companies as well as local South-West based companies. Here is our latest showreel.




Taking to the skies to create films with an bird's eye view. Drone footage is an invaluable showcasing tool these days for companies of all kinds to use as part of their marketing.  Adam is a commercial drone pilot operating a DJI Mavic 2 Pro which films in either 4k high resolution. Or with 1080p slow motion footage.

With every project that comes through Twin Fin Film. Adam operate at a level of safety and professionalism fit for any project requirements, even when filming either over the ocean or on dry land. He focuses on creating the highest quality drone footage through smooth flying and with creative framing.  

If you are looking for a complete production with fast editing turnarounds and a creatively fuelled and engaging video then our drone footage is what you need. Adam is available to hire for all manner of budgets, time scales and creative projects. Have a look at our drone showreel Below.  



If your business or project needs high quality aerial photography either at home or in far reaching corners of the world Adam is available to hire for all manner of budgets, time scales and creative projects. Have a look at some of his photos below. Contact him today for a fast responding quote.